Netflix stock market madness

So one mr John Janedis of Jefferies thinks Netflix is underperforming with some nonsense story and the stocks go down 3.38%? Can’t stock investors think for themselves anymore and need to follow someone who says just something out of nowhere without the supporting stats? His story does not hold up…

First, the UK always was kind of a separate entity in the EU with its own currency and customs. Each country also already has its own unique Netflix (content). So really, that won’t effect Netflix usage at all in the EU where it has achieved a strong position in households across EU countries. People want to stay entertained no matter what and Netflix gives them that. A mostly large collection of diverse movies and series.

Second, Netflix keeps on increasing their own productions to add value to the package. Those series prove to be really value added content.

Third, they made an agreement with Comcast in the US very recently…

Fourth, Netflix multiplatform support is best in class.

Fifth, Netflix US market does NOT matter that much anymore since the world discovered Netflix too and likes to watch US shows and films. International content is improving also (luckily).

So really, things couldn’t look much brighter for Netflix at this moment. The one thing they should make their top priority: add native subtitles for each region where it is not available yet.


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