Netflix USA… unblocked again ;

Netflix decided to block lots of dns unblock and vpn services during the first quarter of  2016. They do this very thoroughly. The result is the now famous error message “You seem to be using an unblocker or proxy. Please turn off any of these services and try again.”. Many people are again looking for a fix to change the Netflix region. Personally I don’t get this Netflix measure… Customers pay a monthly subscription, their money goes to Netflix and the owners of watched content. Copyright holders should be glad this happens one way or the other instead of the alternative of pirating movies and series. Also only a relatively small percentage of Netflixers use these techniques.

The solution to the Netflix 2016 region block? I recently found a good priced geographic Netflix unblocker that works good, is stable and reasonably priced. There are probably more, but working ones are now quite hard to find. It seems this working unblocker uses some nifty new techniques to give you access to ‘Netflix countries’ from all over the word. It not only provides access to Netflix, but also to other streaming video services like Amazon Prime, Crackle, WD TV Live, and more

You can choose the Netflix region you want to access (as content on Netflix differs from region to region). The available country codes are: US, GB, G0, CA, NL, CL, MX, CO, SE, FI, BR, IE, DK, CR, AR, CH, DE, FR, LU, AT, BE, AU, NZ, PA, NO, JP, KR, ES, PT, IT, IN, SA, MY, SG, ZA .

Your ip address has to be registered into the service before it starts working. However, they do provide a very practical personal link to you that works like an IP activator for their service. You only have to open the link and your current IP will be registered so you can start watching Netflix USA, Canada and many more.

As a bonus you also get access to a VPN service to give yourself more privacy on the internet. Nice!

What service I am talking about? . A 2 week free trial is available. No creditcard details asked. The workaround to watch your favorite Netflix shows from all over the world.

Check it out.


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