Better Netflix subtitles on your AppleTV and iPad

[You might also be interested in Netflix USA… unblocked again ;]

The looks of the subtitles of Netflix and other video apps on the iPad and AppleTV can use some improvements. Luckily iOS provides an option to overrule the subtitle theme. This option is hidden under Settings/Accessibility/Subtitles & Captioning/Style/Create New Style. Look at the screenshots below to get the best subtitles in all streaming video apps! Make sure to DISABLE “Video Override” of each font setting. Gone are the ugly destructive yellow courier font types or whatever the app thinks looks good…

Extra tip for the iPad and iPhone: getting sick of all those app open en close animations? While your at the Accessibility settings enable the option “Reduce Motion”. From now on the wild moving animations are replaced with a relaxing fast fade in/out effect.





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  1. Ok for the iPad, but the Apple TV?

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